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21 Experts Share Their Tips On Writing, Publishing,
and How To Shake Writer's Block Forever.

Amy MorinAmy Morin
Author & Keynote Speaker

6Kevin Knebl
International Speaker, Author and Coach

8Marisa Goudy
Author, Writer
Writing Coach

12 Beth Banning
Author, Speaker, Spiritual Catalyst

canva sageSage Cohen
Author, Poet, Performer, Coach

FloraFlora Bowley
Painter, Author, Inspirationalist

7Teena Evert
Author, Speaker, Love Success Coach

4Dr. Colleen Mullen
Writer, Therapist, Coach, Podcaster

9 Emily Hanlon
Author, Writing Coach and Entrepreneur

jennifer-powersJennifer Powers
Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Author

2Devorah Spillman 
Master Storyteller, Entrepreneur

11Harlan Wheeler
Author, Speaker, Master Sales Coach

1Christi Krug
Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

MorganaMorgana Rae
Wealth Coach, Mentor, Author

canva 2 annAnn Hood
NY Times Best
Selling Author

3Brooke Warner
Author, Writing Coach,
Publisher of She Writes Press

susan canvaSusan Friedman
Founder of Aviva Publishing, Author, Speaker

Storm LargeStorm Large
Musician, Actor, Playright, Author

5Shelley Hitz 
Author Coach, Speaker, Business Strategist

10Dawn Celapino
Fitness Trainer, Author, Blogger

canva samantha bennettSamantha Bennett
Founder of Aviva Publishing, Author, Speaker

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