My Interview With Jennifer Powers


  • Words Have the Power to Shift Our Perspective Instantly!
  • Why it's important NOT to listen to all the traditional rules of writing.
  • Write like you speak. This is key to developing a good writers voice.
  • Writing a book can help your business thrive and inspire you to tell your personal story. 

Jennifer Powers is a fearless, loving heart who insists on making a difference in the world before she checks out. She coaches, speaks and writes from a place of honesty, service, and pure giddiness. She’s a believer in the human spirit and her mission is to help others find their truth, whatever that may look like. And whether she has met you yet or not, Jennifer is your biggest fan. Oh, and when she does meet you…expect a hug.

Jennifer also serves on the board of the Northwest Coaches Association and is a Past-President of the Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association. In January of 2016 she earned her MCC, the highest credential awarded by the International Coach Federation.

Learn more about Jennifer Powers at her website:

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