My Interview With Susan Friedmann


  • Vanity publishing defined and why it’s so useful to writers.
  • Understanding the benefits of self-publishing.
  • The importance of your book cover!
  • Why you MUST fall in love with your book design.

Susan Friedmann founded Aviva Publishing in 1992 as a way to publish her own books. Since her topic was targeted to a very specific niche market, traditional publishers weren’t interested in taking the chance to publish her books. So she decided to do it for herself, and to date, she’s published ten of her own books. (She also has four books published by traditional publishers.) For over 20 years now she has helped over 250 authors with their publishing needs.

In the book publishing industry, Aviva Publishing, is known as a “vanity publisher.” This means that they publish books at the author’s expense, and the author holds 100 percent of the “rights” and profit to their book. Once a book is written, the journey has only just begun.  Because, there are still many steps involved in bringing the book to market, Aviva’s job is to help make that process as easy, simple, and painless as possible.

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