My Interview With Brooke Warner


  • How she went from traditional publishing to self-publishing and coaching.
  • Why the frontier of publishing is in alternative publishing.
  • The benefits of having one book under your belt.
  • There’s always room for more books, there are many avid readers out there!
  • Green-Light your book!

Brooke Warner is publisher of She Writes Press, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Green-light Your Book, What's Your Book?, How to Sell Your Memoir, and the co-author of Breaking Ground on Your Memoir. Brooke’s expertise is in traditional and new publishing. She is the former Executive Editor of Seal Press and currently sits on the boards of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Bay Area Book Festival, and the National Association of Memoir Writers.  She blogs actively on Huffington Post Books and She lives and works in Berkeley, California.

Find out more about Brooke at her website:

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