My Interview With Harlan Wheeler


  • It's never too late to begin your journey as an author and writer. 
  • It's Zombie killing time! Kill your inner zombie. 
  • Be willing to change your life completely if you are not happy. Anything is possible when you are willing to change. 
  • Hiring a coach gives you the support you need to make changes quickly and to get books published without the stress of doing it alone.  
  • Just one sentence a day can be enough to create inspiration and adds up over time. 

Harlan J Wheeler Jr., is a world class author, poet and inspirational trouble maker. He is also an inspirational thinker, a traveler of imagination, and an entrepreneur. A hot-blooded health nut and raw foodlist, he is a sharer of all experiences. He lives on a farm on Mount Hood in Oregon with his wife and his many inspiring animals.

He is the "Warrior of Inspiration" and has a popular facebook page as an inspirational writer.  He is also the author of three best selling books, including his new book, The Zombie Killing Guide To A Healthy Everything

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