My Interview With Devorah Spillman


  • How to integrate your deepest personal story into your writing and to trust your inner guide. 
  • How you can use story to help remove blocks that hold you back from living up to your greatest potential.
  • Learn how to pull out the message of your story and figure out why you are telling it.
  • How to tap into your imagination to remove writers block, and remove blocks in all areas of your life.

Devorah Spilman has been a master storyteller for over 30 years. Today she helps writers and entrepreneurs to find the clarity and confidence to tell their deep, authentic story to sell, inspire and transform. Her “In Story Group” takes people on a journey to find and manifest their soul’s calling and bring their story, mission and message out into the world. Devorah has clients all over the world writing books and building businesses based on the deep work that accesses the inner story and the power to integrate and use all parts of ourselves.

If you have ever been told you have to tell your story to succeed and then wondered how to do it, wonder no more. Devorah will take you within to find and tell your story and to access your soul’s calling. Through her signature inner process Devorah takes writers and entrepreneurs within to access their authentic story and bring it out into the world to sell, inspire and transform their business and their lives.

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