My Interview With Emily Hanlon


  • Risk is an important part of being a writer.
  • Opening to characters that scare you help you evolve as a writer.
  • You are not the same person when you finish writing a book. You transform.
  • Imagination bridges the writer from the conscious to the unconscious.
  • Don't worry about being an author, be a storyteller.

Emily Hanlon is a fiction writing mentor, coach and best-selling novelist. She has been coaching fiction writers of all levels for over thirty years. Emily’s passion is to Teach, Support and Inspire fiction writers. She knows how to unleash your best characters from your imagination and how to defang your Inner Critic so you can experience the fun and freedom of write the stories you dream of writing.

She holds writing workshops and a weeklong autumn writing retreat for women in Bar Harbor, Maine. Emily offers a free monthly webinar on myriad aspects of the Fiction Writer’s Journey including subjects such as Fun on the Fiction Writer’s Journey, Keeping the Door to Your Imagination Open, Creating Characters from the Inside Out and more.

She guides a Facebook Group: The Fiction Writer’s Journey with an interactive members page and special offers available only from the Facebook Group.. When you sign up for her mailing list called Priming the Pump, you receive 28 weeks of unique Writing Prompts with instructions as well as articles, audios, conversations and updates.

Learn more about Emily at her website:

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