My Interview With Marisa Goudy


  • The alchemy and magic of writing.
  • Why it's important to develop a level of intimacy with your own inner world through writing.
  • What it means to interweave your "small-s" story, and your "big-S" story.
  • The Story Triangle.

Marisa Goudy is a writer and writing coach who helps therapists, healers, and emerging thought leaders write content that their readers care about.

Dedicated to writing and publishing every day in 2016, Marisa has launched the #365StrongStories project to show how stories build connections and create community. Along with a growing circle of guest storytellers, Marisa’s daily posts explore the nature of memory, the paradoxes of motherhood, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and everyday creative magic. In addition to academic writing in the field of Irish literature, Marisa has published Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation, a book and wisdom card set she co-wrote with her mentor and teacher Eleanora Amendolara. Though she’ll always be a Cape Cod girl at heart, she now lives and writes in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and two young daughters. Being a mermaid stuck in the mountains isn’t so bad - every strong story relies on a little conflict, after all! Learn more about Marisa’s course and consulting, read her daily stories, and submit to the project:

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